Becca and Susanna, classically-trained cellists, both went to the Oberlin Conservatory, but only really got to know each other a decade later at the party of a mutual friend in Watertown. A fan of hiking and wacky acoustics, the friend suggested that the two bring their cellos on a hike and then play some tunes in a ravine. The prospect of turning antiques into kindling didn't thrill the cellists, so instead they decided to start playing duos at friends' parties, getting paid in chocolate and compliments. It was the usual string stuff: Bach, Handel, Haydn. But they also tried out a couple of Susanna's Beatles arrangements. Those were a hit.

Emboldened, the Cello Chix started showing up at Open Mic Night at the Burren, replaced their antique cellos with electric ones, ditched the Haydn, and soon got gigs at bars around the Boston area. The latest addition to the band is kick-ass percussionist George Nickson, who's as comfortable with a drum set as he is with a glockenspiel. The Cello Chix now have a repertoire of over fifty classic rock, jazz, pop and Latin tunes, a loyal and sizeable following, and a CD (released in 2008).